Human Media Interaction

The HMI lab does research into multimodal interaction: from brain computer interfaces to social robots. It is a multidisciplinary group in which computer science meets social science to investigate and design and evaluate novel forms of human-computer interaction.

The HMI group is heavily involved in the MSc. programme "Human Media Interaction" and the BSc. programme "Creative Technology". According to the HMI is the best master of the Netherlands in its category.

Hanna wins Victorine van Schaick Award

Hanna Jochmann-Mannak has received the Victorine van Schaick Award 2014 for her PhD thesis Websites for children: : Search strategies and interface design. In her thesis, she concluded that children hardly prefer game elements at websites. ... Read more


Going out is supposed to be a social experience, but how often do you find yourself standing at the bar, waiting for drinks, surrounded by people that keep their hopeful gaze fixed solely on the bartender? Anemone brings the bar's surface to life, providing entertainment to everyone ... Read more

Create & HMI

HMI is involved in several courses. HMI is also a separate masters-programme at the University of Twente. In the bachelor we provide courses like game design for creative technology and artificial intelligence ... Read more


Brain computer interaction is one of the research topics of HMI. We are one of the leading research groups in this new and exiting research topic ... Read more