University of Twente

Focus of CLIN 2001

The aim of the annual CLIN meetings is to provide an opportunity for computational linguists to report on their work. The CLIN meeting also functions as an informal meeting place, primarily for Dutch and Belgian computational linguists, but with an increasing international participation.

CLIN 2001 is the twelfth CLIN meeting. Its program includes over 30 talks on many different aspects of computational linguistics, including information retrieval, language analysis and generation, machine learning, corpus research, and embodied conversational agents. The keynote lecture of the conference will be given by David Traum (University of Southern California, Marina del Rey).

We intend to produce a volume of the proceedings of CLIN 2001 before CLIN 2002. Papers for these proceedings will have to be written in English; they will be reviewed by a committee to be appointed in due time.

Information about previous CLIN meetings can be found at the CLIN home page.

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