University of Twente


The workshop takes place at the campus of the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. Workshop sessions are held in the Collegezalen Complex (CC-building), located next to the computer science department. From the campus entrance, please follow the signs reading CLIN 2001. Here is a map of the campus.

How to get there?

Enschede is located in the east of the Netherlands. Every 30 minutes a train in the direction of Enschede leaves from Schiphol Airport. This is either a direct train to Enschede, or the train to Groningen/Leeuwarden. In the last case, you will have to change at Amersfoort (opposite platform). The journey takes about two hours.

The campus itself can be reached by car, by bus or by bike. By car, follow the signs reading `Universiteit'. By bus, you can either take a bus from Hengelo station (line 15 or 3) or from Enschede station (line 1 or 3). It is convenient to buy a so-called `strippenkaart' at the railway station.

The campus is situated in nice woody countryside, at approximately 15 minutes by bike from the centre of town. Excellent bikes are for rent at both the Hengelo and Enschede railway stations. (With a railway ticket the price is only Dfl 7,- a day or Dfl 8,50 with gears.)

Taxi service in Enschede is provided by `Taxicentrale', phone: (31)(053) 4303030, and by `Hilderink de Greune', phone (31)(053) 5721844. The cost of a standard ride between the railway station in Enschede and the university campus, is usually in the range 15--20 Dfl. A small tip is generally appreciated. In addition to the standard service, the substantially cheaper `treintaxi' service is available at railway stations and (upon reservation) the `Schiphol service', connecting Enschede with the airport near Amsterdam.

Information on all kinds of public transport, including possible disruptions, is available from a telephone service under number (31) 0900-9292.

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