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TWLT14 program

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Sunday 6th of December

20.00 - 24.00Early registration and making acquaintance with "Sinterklaas"         


Monday 7th of December

 10.00 Opening  

Session 1: Cross-language IR
 10.15Hans Uszkoreit, DFKI
Cross-language information retrieval: from naive concepts to realistic applications
 10.45Paul Buitelaar / Klaus Netter / Feiyu Xu, DFKI
Integrating Different Strategies for Cross-Language Retrieval
 11.30Franciska de Jong / Djoerd Hiemstra, University of Twente
Cross-language Retrieval: using one, some or all possible translations?
 12.00David Hull, Xerox Research Center Europe
Information Extraction from Bilingual Corpora and its application to Machine-aided Translation

Session 2: NLP, IE/IR and Multimedia
 14.00Arjen de Vries, University of Twente
Mirror: Multimedia Query Processing in Extensible Databases
 14.30Doug Appelt, SRI
An Overview of Information Extraction and its Applications to Information Retrieval
 15.00Demos and posters[abstracts] 
 16.00Paul van der Vet / Bas van Bakel, University of Twente
Combining Linguistic and Knowledge-based Engineering for Information Retrieval and Information Extraction
 16.30Karen Sparck-Jones, Cambridge University
Information retrieval: how far will *really* simple methods take you?
 17.00Discussion and "borrel" 


Tuesday 8th of December

Session 3: Video and Image Processing
  9.00Raymond Flournoy / Hiroshi Masuichi / Stanley Peters, Stanford University and Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.
Cross-Language Information Retrieval: Some Methods and Tools
  9.30Andrew Salway / Khurshid Ahmad, University of Surrey
Talking Pictures: Indexing and Representing Video with Collateral Texts
 10.00 Wim van Bruxvoort, VDA informatiebeheersing
Pop-Eye: language technology for video retrieval
 11.00Istar Buscher, Südwestrundfunk Baden Baden
Going digital at TV-archives: new dimensions of information management for professional and public demands
 11.30Arnold W.M. Smeulders / Theo Gevers / Martin L. Kersten, University of Amsteram
Vision and language, the impossible connection
 12.00Kees van Deemter, University of Brighton
Retrieving Pictures for Document Generation

Session 4: Speech Retrieval
 14.00Steve Renals / Dave Abberly, University of Sheffield
The THISL Spoken Document Retrieval System
 14.30Wessel Kraaij / Joop van Gent / Rudie Ekkelenkamp / David van Leeuwen, TNO-TPD Delft and TNO-TM Soesterberg
Phoneme Based Spoken Document Retrieval

Closing session
 15.30Jaime Carbonell / Jade Goldstein, Carnegie Mellon University
Information novelty and the MMR Metric in Retrieval and Summarization

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