University of Twente

CLIN 2001

(Twelfth Meeting of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands)

Friday, 30 November 2001
Department of Computer Science
University of Twente, Enschede.


We are happy to announce the twelfth CLIN meeting, which will be hosted by the Parlevink language engineering group at the University of Twente. CLIN 2001 is organised in cooperation with SIKS.

Keynote lecture:

Ideas on Multi-layer dialogue management for Multi-party, Multi-conversation, Multi-modal communication

Dr. David Traum
University of Southern California,
Marina del Rey (USA)



Sponsored by

School voor Informatie- en KennisSystemen (SIKS) School voor Informatie- en KennisSystemen


CLIN 2001 is organised by Parlevink Research Group in cooperation with SIKS.

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The local organisers are Mariët Theune, Anton Nijholt, Charlotte Bijron, Alice Vissers and Hendri Hondorp (central email:
The student helpers are Dennis Reidsma and Wolter Pieters.
Here is a link to our Parlevink homepage.

During conference hours you can be reached at mobile phone number 06-51877463 (Charlotte) or 06-20245948 (Alice).

Workshop Secretariat

Charlotte Bijron
University of Twente
Department of Computer Science
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The Netherlands

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