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17/18th Twente Workshop on Language Theory

Workshops on Natural Language Technology

"Learning to Behave"

Workshop series on (Human-)Agent Interaction and Agent Learning

October 18-20, 2000 "Interacting Agents" (Enschede, The Netherlands)
November 22-24, 2000 "Internalising Knowledge" (Ieper, Belgium)

Organised by

Parlevink Research Group Centre for Evolutionary Language Engineering
University of Twente/CTITS.AI.L Port Western Europe
The NetherlandsBelgium


The Center for Evolutionary Language Engineering (CELE) and the Parlevink research group of the Computer Science department of the University of Twente are organising a two-part workshop series on human-agent interaction and information processing.

The workshops will investigate human-agent interaction and knowledge both on the level of the agent's communication with the external environment and the level of the agent's internal processes that guide the modelling and understanding of the external sensory input in the brain.


The format of both workshops will consist of keynote presentations by experts in the fields combined with presentations of accepted papers. Ample time is allowed for discussion, thus ensuring that both workshops are genuinely interactive events where new ideas and insights can take form via the collaboration of experts with diverse backgrounds.

Honorary Chairs

Dirk Frimout, CELE/Flanders Language Valley
Roel Pieper, University of Twente/Lernout&Hauspie


Because the two workshops are located at different locations, we have split the webpages.

Submission Procedure

Researchers working in this domain are invited to email a 2-page abstract (plain ascii format), together with title, affiliation and keywords to ctwlt@cs.utwente.nl. Please mention for which workshop the submission is intended. Invited and accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings.

Important Dates Enschede Ieper
Submitted Abstracts July 31 August 31
Notification of Acceptance August 15 September 15
Camera-ready Papers October 1 October 16
Workshops October 18-20 November 22-24

Further Information

For further information, please contact the organizers at ctwlt@cs.utwente.nl or Kristiina.Jokinen@sail.com.

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