Ayoub Bagheri


Function:PhD Student (Former)


Ayoub Bagheri is a candidate for the Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. He completed his B.S. in computer engineering in 2007 at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, and the M.S. in computer engineering in 2009 at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. He works as a lecturer in computer engineering group at Isfahan university of Technology from 2009. Additionally, he had one year work experience as a Database Designer and Software Analyzer at Nasl Ayandeh Company from 2010 to 2011.

His research interests are in Data Mining, Machine Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms. His main research is on Text Mining and his thesis advisor is Dr. Mohamad Saraee. He has published several papers in refereed conferences and journals.
Currently he is a visiting Ph.D. student at the Human Media Interaction group at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, working on his Ph.D. project about Opinion Mining in English and Persian Text with Professor Dr. Franciska de Jong.