Betsy van Dijk


Function:PNUT member


Elisabeth (Betsy) van Dijk is an assistant professor in the Human Media Interaction group of the University of Twente. Her current research is in the field of human-computer interaction, with a focus on the methodology of user-centered interaction design and evaluation, especially of systems that aim to enrich the experiences of users. This research includes human behaviour analysis, an interdisciplinary field that seeks to analyse and improve people’s interaction in technologically enhanced environments. Her research also involves the development and use of methods for measuring user experiences.

Betsy van Dijk received a MSc degree in Mathematics at the Radboud University Nijmegen. For five years, she taught mathematics, statistics and computer science in higher vocational education in Arnhem. Since 1986, she has been an assistant professor at the University of Twente, where she obtained a PhD in Computer Science and Educational Technology with a thesis on teaching problem-solving strategies in secondary school computer science education. She was (co)founder and chair of IMT (1993-2000), a foundation to encourage young girls (14-15 years old) to consider a career in science. From 1998 until 2006 she was vice-chair of the board of CODI, the committee that developed the Dutch program to retrain qualified secondary school teachers to become computer science teachers. In CODI she was the chair of the executive committee responsible for the implementation of the course program in the Netherlands.

She has been involved in design and evaluation tasks in several EU-projects. AMI and AMIDA (2004-2009) focused on multi-party interaction in meetings, SERA (2009-2011) on socially engaging robots for health support and companionship, PuppyIR (2009-2012) on multi-touch tabletop interaction for entertainment and education of children in a museum. Currently she is involved in FROG, where she aims to develop suitable behaviour and personality for a socially engaging guiding robot for outdoor spaces. In SmarcoS the aim is to design and evaluate a personal attentive multi-device lifestyle coaching system with a virtual coach. In the Dutch research project COMMIT she is involved in the study of interactive playgrounds and mediated touch interaction. She is a member of several conference Program Committees and reviews journal papers regularly.

Betsy van Dijk teaches courses on Human-Computer Interaction, research methodology and user experience design, and she has supervised many BSc, MSc , PhD theses and individual research projects of master’s students.