Dennis Reidsma


Function:Assistant Professor


Dennis Reidsma is Assistant Professor at the Human Media Interaction group and Lecturer at the Creative Technology curriculum at the University of Twente.

After obtaining his PhD in 2008 on reliability and validity aspects of large annotated multimodal corpora for machine learning, he worked with dr. Herwin van Welbergen on behaviour generation for coordinated interaction with social agents. Besides a number of high impact publications, this led to the release of AsapRealizer (formerly Elckerlyc), a state-of-the-art Open Source software platform for generating continuous interaction with Virtual Humans, social agents and robots.

His current research interest is to investigate the transformative impact of interactive technology in play and learning. This focuses on two main topics. Firstly, he leads a multidisciplinary team that works on human-robot symbiotic interaction in learning scenarios, as part of the EU EASEL project. Together with his team he looks at behaviour generation for robots in learning, as well as the impact of interactive technology on the learning process and outcome. Secondly, over the last 5 years he developed a research line on “play with impact” through various projects of playful interaction in smart environments (for entertainment, education, and health & wellbeing applications). He has collaborated on the development of a number of interactive play platforms for children’s play, play for people with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities, play for gait rehabilitation, and other domains. Central theme in these projects is the potential for playful interactive technology to influence the social and physical behaviour and experience of the user.

In total, he has co-authored more than 70 cited papers on computational entertainment, virtual humans, corpus annotation, and related topics, among which two best paper awards and a co-authorship of the ICMI Ten-Year Technical Impact Award (Carletta et al, MLMI 2005), and one successful Medical Ethical Assessment Application (METC Twente, Study P14-08, NL48070.044.14).

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