Jeroen Linssen




I am Jeroen Linssen, a PhD candidate working on interactive storytelling. Before joining the Human Media Interaction department, I completed both a Bachelor and a Master in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. What distinguished these from other Artificial Intelligence studies was their multidisciplinary nature: they brought together knowledge from four areas, namely computer science, psychology, linguistics and philosophy. I liked this approach to Artificial Intelligence as it enabled me to look at various systems and problems from different angles.

During my Master’s, I focused more on logic and intelligent systems, completing courses on reasoning and agents. For my Master’s thesis, I worked on a serious game called Code Red: Triage, which was developed in the GATE project. I developed and implemented a form of adaptive difficulty so that the game would suit the player’s skill.

Having completed my studies, I came upon an opportunity to combine my experience in both logic and serious games, namely by doing PhD research on intelligent characters for a serious game.