Khiet Truong


Function:Assistant Professor


My main interests lie in analysing and understanding emotionally expressive and social behavior in interactions between humans, as well as in interactions between humans and virtual or physical agents (robots). Using this understanding, my aim is to develop socially intelligent and affective technology. I am particularly interested in (computational) paralinguistics: how do people talk in interaction and how can we develop technology that can automatically analyse and interpret the way people talk? At HMI, I am involved in several European and national human-agent interaction projects in which I use methods from affective computing and social signal processing to analyse affective and social human behavior.

Prior to HMI, I was employed by TNO Human Factors in Soesterberg where I worked towards my PhD on automatic emotion recognition in speech. During my master research at Radboud University in Nijmegen, I worked on automatic pronunciation error detection in second language learners' speech.