Mannes Poel



My current research themes are twofold. My main focus is Machine Learning for Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI). At the moment most BCIs only function when the user acts as almost completely paralyzed, the user may only use his or her brain, the simultaneous use of other interaction paradigms such as keyboard, speech, gestures, will degrade the interaction performance of the BCI. The main goal of the research is to transform BCI from “brains only” to “brains also”, meaning that BCI should become one of the multimodal interaction paradigms for natural interaction. Most of this research is carried out in the BrainGain project and topics include the development of robust BCIs, user experience of BCIs and natural interaction with BCIs.

The second research topic is the application of Machine Learning for the automatic recognition of human behavior, using non-obtrusive sensors such as cameras and Kinects. At the moment this research is focused on the recognition of social behavior of children in digital playgrounds. This research is funded by the Commit project Intelligent Interaction for Universal Access.