Maral Dadvar


Function:PhD Student (Former)


This is the third year of my PhD at the University of Twente, in the Human Media Interaction group, under supervision of Prof. Franciska de Jong. I am interested in cyberbullying detection and harassment identification in social networks. Prior to coming to Twente, I received my Master’s degree from the University of Sheffield in the Computer Science Department, Artificial Intelligent group, in the United Kingdom.

Initially, I started my research with sentiment analysis and opinion mining in text. I was working on negation detection in sentiment analysis and how to deal with negation words while predicting the polarity of a comment or post. Gradually I narrowed down the focus of my research to cyberbullying detection. Cyberbullying is a troubling problem that many teenagers and adolescents face every day in their online interactions and there is still no concrete solution for overcoming this problem. In my research I am investigating whether integration of users’ profile information improves the accuracy of cyberbullying detection in social networks. My purpose is to use social studies’ findings, about cyberbullying and how this behavior varies between different groups of people, to come up with a better technical solution to this problem.