Rieks op den Akker


Homepage: http://wwwhome.cs.utwente.nl/~infrieks


Studied mathematics and computer science.

Rieks was/is involved in several Dutch and European research projects in multimodal dialogues systems for multi-media retrieval and remote meeting support technology: IMIX, AMI, AMIDA,Sera, SSPNet,SmarcoS,COMMIT,Accompany.

In the EU AMIDA project a system for supporting remote participants in hybrid meetings was developed. In the Dutch IMIX project a multimodal dialogue systems for multimodal information extraction was developed.
In the COMMIT project we make artificial conversational agents that play a role in serious games and social learning programs. Rieks is studying (common) principles of language and technology. Main themes are subjectivity, autonomy and authority. Ethical issues related to the development and use of artificial autonomous machines (like robots) that challenge humans to take responsibility do have his attention as well.