Theo Huibers


Function:Full Professor


Theo Huibers is Professor of Information Retrieval at the Human Media Interaction Group of the University of Twente, a position he has hold since 2002. As managing partner of a strategy consulting firm, Huibers is also a well-known senior strategy advisor in the media and technology segment. He has published over 60 academic papers in the areas of information theory, XML, information retrieval tasks for children, social media & citizen participation, business strategies and different aspects of information retrieval. Furthermore, Huibers is the author of some well-known business books. He has served as a keynote speaker at numerous academic and business conferences. At business-oriented conferences, Huibers is mostly asked to present his ideas on valorization of academic insights in a business context. Huibers is a member of several non-executive and/or non-profit committees such as CITO, NDC|VBK, CRBKO, WGI, Victorine van Schaickfonds, Stichting Beeldkracht and Stichting Achmea Slachtoffer & Samenleving.