Vicky Charisi




I am a researcher at the Human Media Interaction group at University of Twente with a focus on Child-Robot Interaction. My research interests lie on the ways that we can use humanoid and non-humanoid robots to design novel learning environments for children’s holistic and creative development. I work for two EU funded projects - the EASEL (Expressive Agents for Symbiotic Education and Learning), with a focus on humanoid robots in science education and the SQUIRREL (Clearing Clutter Bit by Bit) with a focus on non-humanoid robots in cluttering within unstructured settings. Previously, I was involved in the design of children’s engagement within several digital contexts e.g. the “Universe of Sound”, a sound installation at the Science Museum London. Meanwhile, I worked in the EU funded project European Music Portfolio: a Creative way into Languages, as a member of the board of experts.

I earned my BA in musicology and MA in developmental psychology and educational technology, both at the University of Athens, Greece. Currently, I am working towards the completion of my PhD thesis, which focuses on children’s creative thinking processes and their social interactions in the context of collaborative music improvisation within digital environments, at the University College London, Institute of Education.