Vanessa Evers on Radio 5

Vanessa talked about the role of robots in the near future and what this would mean for human employment. ... read more

Daniël Davison at kids show Willem Wever

Daniël Davison was featured on national television on the kids show Willem Wever. ... read more

Merijn Bruijnes Winner COMMIT/ Media Award

Last year's COMMIT/ media award goes to Merijn Bruijnes, for his capability of generating media attention and overall enthusiasm ... read more


Media attention for Interactive Tag Playground at Tetem

The interactive tag playground (ITP) also known as Tag aka Tikkertje 2.0 is currently running and can be played with for free at TETEM kunstruimte untill the 26th of April. It got the attention from Radio 1 and RTV-oost. ... read more


Merijn’s talk about *Bot on TEDxTwenteU online

At his talk at TEDxTwenteU, Merijn Bruijnes talks about the *Bot project. A project investigating the impact of telepresence robots in everyday life. ... read more

Take-off Grant for “Personalized Information eXperience”

Former HMI researcher Egon van den Broek and Frans van der Sluis, guest researcher at HMI, received an STW Take-off Grant for the project IX B.V.: Personalized Information eXperience. ... read more

child sitting depressed on steps

Maral makes it to frontpage of

Maral Dadvar (former employee HMI), who graduated in September 2014, recently made it to the frontpage story of The interview focused on her research, in which Maral combined the psychological and technological insights on prevention of cyberbullying in social media. ... read more


Hanna wins Victorine van Schaick Award

Hanna Jochmann-Mannak (former CTIT-EEMCS/HMI), who graduated in January 2014, recently has received the Victorine van Schaick Award 2014 for her PhD thesis Websites for children: : Search strategies and interface design. Currently, she works as child-computer interaction expert at WizeNoze B.V. In her thesis, she concluded that children hardly prefer game elements at websites. ... read more

Evers receives opzij talent award

Opzij talent award 2014 won by Vanessa Evers

Vanessa Evers, has won the Opzij Talent Award 2014. Magazine Opzij, specifically focused on women, create the price for talented people on their way to the top. According to Opzij, Vanessa Evers creates the technology of the future and is the hippest professor of the Netherlands. ... read more

raymondvandenboogaard computer bakt poets screenshot

Why do people laugh?

'Le Rire' (1900), an essay by philosopher Henri Bergson, was the inspiration for a paper Anton Nijholt wrote and that gained interest of quality newspaper in Europe. ... read more

tikkertje20-thomas and jeroen in their training environment

Big impact and contribution to COMMIT demo-event

In club TrouwAmsterdam at the Wibautstraat in East Amsterdam the COMMIT mid-term demo event the Big Future of Data took place involving several HMI demos: an interactive playground, virtual training, sensing fatigue from voice, motivating apps, interactive radio archives and mediated touch. ... read more


Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide Media Frenzy

Several interviews and news articles about FROG around Europe. ... read more


HMI’s Campusrobot present during opening Gallery

The campusrobot was introduced to the public during the opening of the Gallery. This new building was officialy opened by His Majesty King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. ... read more


Campusrobot at Hannover Messe

The campusrobot was present at the 3TU’s booth in the Holland High Tech House at the Hannover Messe, held from 7-11 April in Hannover. ... read more

Vanessa Evers in the Universitent at the Zwarte Cross Festival

Vanessa Evers gave a talk on social robots in the Universitent at one of Holland's biggest festivals, Zwarte Cross. ... read more


Media Exposure for Evers & PhD students

Vanessa Evers was interviewed by BNR Eyeopeners about her work on robotics, and how that impacts our (future) daily lives. ... read more


Media exposure for Evers

In the Dutch television show Pauw & Witteman, Vanessa Evers explains HMI’s research efforts on social robots. ... read more


Media exposure for Bruijnes

BNR Eyeopeners interviewed Merijn Bruijnes about his work on a virtual suspect that can train police officers to do interrogations. ... read more


Vanessa Evers interviewed for Metaal Journaal

Vanessa Evers explains some of her views on the future of robotics in Metaal Journaal 14 (voorjaar 2014). ... read more


Media exposure for Ronald

Ronald Poppe gave a radio interview on KRO's Gijs 2.0 about credible lying. ... read more


Master HMI best in its category in the Netherlands

The HMI master at the University of Twente scores the highest of the human technology masters for almost any aspect of the study. Experts also agree with the students and are satisfied with both the level of the study program and the graduates. ... read more

virtual suspect with a hologram

Bruijnes received media attention with Pienter demo

Merijn Bruijnes was in the news with the Pienter research demo. ... read more

Dong Nguyen is handed the media price by Victor van der Chijs

Dong Nguyen wins the annual UT Media Award

Dong Nguyen got the media award during the university’s new year’s opening. It was a result of her work on an algorithm making a well estimated guess of your profile based on tweets. ... read more


Websites for children require a proper search function

Main conclusions of Hanna Jochmann-Mannak’s thesis appeared in the Dutch newspaper “Nederlands Dagblad”. ... read more


Best paper award won by students of HMI course

Sophie Spitters and Merijn Sanders together with co-authors Rieks op den Akker en Merijn Bruijnes have won the best paper award at CogInfoCom ’13. ... read more


Towards a Brainbook!

Anton Nijholt’s contribution for the best idea in 2013, appeared in the Dutch magazine Joop. ... read more


ACE 2013 held at Bad Boekelo

Last week HMI was one of the main organizers for the Advances in Computer Entertainment conference 2013. ... read more


Interview with Polygon about creepy game robots

Professor Evers shares views on the robots in the game Sir, You Are Being Hunted for Polygon. ... read more

Radio and TV Archive

HMI members are often asked to talk about their research on radio and TV. ... read more

De nieuwe Overijsselaren .... ROBOTS!

Michiel Joosse had an interview with Jan Swagerman about robots. ... read more

NRC Next: article on the technology of touch

On Friday, March 22, NRC Next featured an article on the technology of touch ... read more

Schrootstrijd 2013

Pictures from schrootstrijd 2013 are available. ... read more


Best Paper award for Hanna and Theo

For their paper "Three types of children's informational websites" in Technical Communications, Hanna and Theo received the Frank R. Smith Award for Outstanding Article. ... read more

IVA 2013

Workshops at IVA 2013

HMI organizes several workshops at IVA 2013 ... read more