University of Twente

Previously completed projects

  • LIP: Language and Image Processing: Image indexing via natural language

  • UWISH: Usability for Web-based Information Services for Hypermedia.

  • JACOB: Multi-modal Interaction in Virtual Reality

  • SCHISMA: Dialogue Systems for Theatre Information and Ticket Reservation

  • VMC: Virtual Music Centre

  • Virtual Drummer: Play drum on a Virtual Drumkit

  • PARSE: Parsing and grammar development

  • OLIVE: Development of a multilingual indexing tool for broadcast material based on speech recognition

  • POP-EYE: Development of a multilingual continuous video disclosing tool, based subtitle indexing and partial translation

  • TWENTY-ONE: Development of a Multimedia and Multilingual Information Transaction and Dissemination Tool

  • NOTA: Non-Traditional approaches to Language and Information Engineering

  • SPILE: Interactions between Social sciences, Philosophy and Language Engineering

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