The Virtual Drummer

This page is all about the thesis project: to create a 3D virtual drummer (using Java3D) that recognizes music and plays along with the drum part.
If you want to know the details on how it works, I suggest that you read any of the papers in the publications section.

Screenshots and movies

Click on the screenshots below to view short movies of the virtual drummer in action:

Bass drum
(MPEG, 261 KB)
(MPEG, 619 KB)
Snare and tom-toms
(MPEG, 385 KB)
(MPEG, 345 KB)
A fragment from 'Black Melody' by Bitter Harvest
(MPEG, 2853 KB)


  • Martijn Kragtwijk, Anton Nijholt and Job Zwiers, "An Animated Virtual Drummer"
    Presented on: International Conference on Augmented, Virtual Environments and Three-Dimensional Imaging (ICAV3D), Mykonos, Greece, 2001.
  • Martijn Kragtwijk, Anton Nijholt and Job Zwiers, "Implementation of a 3D Virtual Drummer"
    In: N. Magnenat-Thalmann and D. Thalmann (eds.), "Computer Animation and Simulation 2001", Springer Verlag Wien, 2001.
    (A PDF version of this article)
  • My Msc. thesis ("Percussive Music and the Automatic Generation of 3D Animations") can be found here.


    For questions, remarks etc. please send me an email.



  • Christian Babski, the creator of the avatar I have used.
  • My supervisors:Anton Nijholt, Job Zwiers, Mannes Poel and Marc Leman.

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