Demo Reel

A social experience

Going out is supposed to be a social experience, but how often do you find yourself standing at the bar, waiting for drinks, surrounded by people that keep their hopeful gaze fixed solely on the bartender? Anemone brings the bar's surface to life, providing entertainment to everyone around it and serving as an ice breaker. Anyone can join in on the interaction, leading to a shared experience.

So What is This About?

The demo reel that you find above says most of it already. This is what the system looks like running at Media Art Café Berlijn. Anemone was on display from Tuesday 7th of July 2009 until July 10th 2009 in Media Art Café Berlijn. A preliminary version was shown at intetain2009 on Wednesday 24th of June 2009.


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D. Reidsma Anemone - an interactive light projection. Demonstration at Discovery'09, invited Nemo, Amsterdam, September 25 2009, 2009 [bibTeX]