Abstract: FeelSound is a multi-user application for collaboratively composing music in an entertaining way. Up to four composers can jointly create acoustic music on a top-projection multitouch sensitive table.


multi-touch, music, collaboration


Demo Reel

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The Interface

Unlike music tables where tangible objects are manipulated on the horizontal surface, FeelSound depicts purely virtual representations of acoustic instruments, known as widgets. A total of six circular instrument widgets are present in FeelSound although more are possible; we included the piano, recorder, trumpet, drums, violin and contrabass. The widgets are represented by icons of the instrument that the users can touch and move about freely on the the table.

Harmonic Table

By touching a widget, users can compose music on a harmonic table. For each instrument, four octaves of notes are available in FeelSound in a 7x7 hexagonal lattice: the harmonic table. The position of similar notes is related: diagonals are minor and major third increases and decreases of the current note, while fifth notes variations are above or below. Every combination of musical intervals has the same shape all over the table: a minor triad (three note chord) is a left-facing triangle.


We developed a multi-touch framework called Mu3 that abstracts from the multi-touch hardware that is used. In our case, we use the CircleTwelve Diamondtouch. This top-projection multi-touch sensitive panel can recognize up to four users simulatenously but it has difficulties in its touch resolution. Mu3 offers tracking algorithms that robustly detect and track touches while filtering out ghost-touches. Mu3 can receive and produce TUIO messaging. Download Mu3: http://code.google.com/p/mu3/

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