Final and Trainee-Assignments

The HMI-group keeps in contact with over 100 organizations world wide. If you as a master student are looking for a final assignment or internship, you can choose between a dozen of pre-defined assignments or choose to create one yourself. Searching a suitable location, a suitable topic and looking through finished assignments could help in creating your own assignment. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to have both an external (non-research institute) internship and an external final assignment. We provide several ways to search through our database: by scanning through all pre-defined assignments, looking per geographical area/location and by topic.

If you work for a company that is interested in providing internships or final assignments please contact D.K.J.Heylen[at]

Note that in preparation for a final assignment you must carry out a Research Topics resulting in a final project proposal. For Research Topics, you need to hand in this form to the bureau of educational affairs (BOZ).

Open Final and Trainee-Assignments (recent)

Mood Recognition and Empathic Lighting for Elderly @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede, The Netherlands [final project]
Animating a surfacebot to play-act short stories @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede, The Netherlands [final project]
Language use on social media @ Meertens Instituut, 1096 CJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands [final project]
Automatische Verhoor Analyse en Demonstrator en Gebruikersevaluaties van een Interview Review Systeem @ Netherlands Police Agency, Driebergen, The Netherlands [final project]
Addiction treatment in immersive Virtual Reality @ TACTUS, Enschede [final project]
Storytelling on the tablet @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede, The Netherlands [final project]
Autonomous tablets @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede, The Netherlands [final project]
Bringing physicality to virtual agents to move out from the screen @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede, The Netherlands [final project]
n.n.b. @ Telecats, 7521 PT Enschede, The Netherlands [traineeship]