Emodied Interaction with VR & AR for Health

Title:Emodied Interaction with VR & AR for Health
Institute:Philips Healthcare
Place:5621 JG Eindhoven
Type:final project
Start date:1 september 2017
End date:not present
HMI ContactRobby van Delden


Philips Eindhoven deals with the subject of “Connected Care”. Connected care is about allowing medical professionals to maintain an effective and efficient connection to their patients. Providing clear information about the patient is key in this process.

At this R&D group of Philips there is a keen interest in applying VR or AR in such a health care setting. On the longer run this might be combined with several of Philip’s existing and future appliances. Being part of the world-wide research and development department of Philips their interest is on the exploration of possibilities of AR&VR for settings such as physical rehabilitation and MRI & CT visualisation.

Your assignment is to research and eventually design a stimulating or informative VR application, starting of course by making yourself familiar with the current state of the art and then specifying a better framed project. It has to include a well-designed experiment to investigate fitting research questions.

In addition to conducting research, you will be expected to design a virtual evironment with Unity. Therefore prior knowledge and skills of Unity and/or modelling is essential. Help can be provided from the host institute and tutors for the VR related specifics and (serious) game design mechanics.

Interested? Want to know more? Contact us at r.w.vandelden@utwente.nl.