Picalilly: Sharing Photos through Locative Social Media

Title:Picalilly: Sharing Photos through Locative Social Media
Institute:University of Twente (HMI)
Place:Enschede The Netherlands
Type:final project
Start date:1 augustus 2012
End date:not present
Active student:Edwin Keijl
HMI ContactBetsy van Dijk


Mobile phones and social media enable people to share information with others whenever they want, wherever they want. More recent developments allow people to augment their sharing experience by geo-tagging their information through GPS enabled phones. This so called ‘locative media’ can be used to facilitate navigation, wayfinding or obtaining information about a physical place or object. Other services let the users tag, rate and recommend public places to other people. Furthermore, people can tell their stories by attaching their own context to a physical location.

During this final project, a smart phone application will be developed through which users can share photos based on their physical location. Users can define groups that are bound to a specific location and share photos with others. A previous pilot study has already been done. Its results, combined with a literature study, will be the starting point for a next user study that will be conducted to investigate the effects of locative media on the sharing behavior of people.