Running and finished Assignments


[Finished but not all assignment information is specified]
Interactive kinase network analysis tool @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Wim Bos - finalproject
Presentatie assistent @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Laurens Satink - finalproject
Extractie van beoordelingen uit tekst @ Parabots, 1015 AH Amsterdam The Netherlands | Ruben Bos - finalproject
Incremental Grounding in Spoken Dialogue Systems (working title) @ Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California, Marina del Rey, CA USA | Thomas Visser - finalproject
Multicultural education: technology to the rescue? @ Institute of Social Studies (ISS), 2502 LT Den Haag The Netherlands | Fleur Aalbersberg - finalproject
Extending the Virtual Storyteller with conflict behavior and group dynamics @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Chris Broekema - finalproject
Digital laboratory notebook @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Daniel Davison (student) - finalproject
Interface ontwerp voor een educatieve video portal @ Novay (formely known as Telematica Instituut), Enschede The Netherlands | Luc Tiemessen - finalproject
Brain Invaders: Finding the Paradox of Control in a P300-game through the use of distractions @ Gipsa-Lab, CNRS and Grenoble University, 38402 Saint Martin d'Hères Cedex France | Gijs van Veen - finalproject
Effects of light conditioning and encouraging feedback on the neural and behaviour responses in a general knowledge task @ Philips Research, 5656 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands | Andreea Sburlea - finalproject
Automatisch Parafraseren van Tekst @ Content2context (formely known as Carp Technologies), 7559 ST Hengelo The Netherlands | Joris van Balen - traineeship
Audio verification @ MegaVoice, Tiberias Israel | Maurits de Jong - traineeship
Greek Pot Axis Correction @ University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand | Marinus Boekelo - traineeship
User handover and inter-usability in a multi-device service system @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Wilko Wieringa - finalproject
Cognitieve modellen van aandacht @ TNO Human Factors, Soesterberg The Netherlands | Teun Lucassen - traineeship
Social medication reminder robot with personality for elderly @ Philips Research, 5656 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands | Merel Brandon - finalproject
Detecting Idle States in Brain Computer Interaction @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Mircea Stoica - finalproject
Simulating suspect behaviour in a police interrogation setting @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Sjoerd Wapperom - finalproject
Design of an Electronic Health Record @ Nedap N.V., Groenlo  | Sanne Wolbers - finalproject
Improving the Inattentional Opersion of Touch screen Interfaces @ Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ 08540-6632 USA | Michel Jansen - finalproject
Non-verbal interaction with computer systems in a virtual reality simulation @ Re-lion BV (formely known as Keep it Simple), Enschede The Netherlands | Tim Franssen - finalproject
De effecten van het F-LinQ fotolijstje op het welzijn, het eenzaamheidsgevoel en de verbondenheid van ouderen bij hun (klein-)kinderen @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Kimberly Snoyl - finalproject
Manipulating game decisions with facial expressions @ Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California, Marina del Rey, CA USA | Jeroen van Vroonhoven - finalproject
Virtual Billiards Assistant @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Joris van Balen - finalproject
Verhogen van het aantal boekers op een vakantie website door richtlijnen toe te passen @ Itexion / Xentaur, 7521 WC Enschede The Netherlands | Joan ter Weele - finalproject
Support of Human Attention Allocation Using Cognitive Model-Based Adaptive Systems @ TNO Defence, Safety and Security, 3769 ZG Soesterberg The Netherlands | Teun Lucassen - finalproject
Recognizing facial expressions in electroencephalography (EEG) @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Lennart Boot - finalproject
Supporting Remote Meeting Participants @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Harm op den Akker - finalproject
Touchscreen interaction for healthcare applications @ Topicus Zorg BV, 7411 HB Deventer The Netherlands | Erik de Vries - finalproject
Applications of Provenance Data @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Matthijs Ooms - finalproject
Imaginary and actual movements in brain-computer interaction @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Bram van de Laar - finalproject
Stage Exxellence Group @ Exxellence Group, 7556 PE Hengelo (Ov.) The Netherlands | Erwin Bergervoet - traineeship
A multi-touch table interface for interaction with molecule visualisations @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Jeroen Logtenberg - finalproject
Predicting dialog state transitions using prosodic markers @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Ivo Nouwens - finalproject
Managing perceptions in the virtual storyteller @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Hans ten Brinke - finalproject
User interface for the Touch Blanket @ Philips Electronics, Eindhoven The Netherlands | Tin de Zeeuw - traineeship
User evaluations of a behaviour change support system @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Saskia Akkersdijk - finalproject
Generating focalised stories about interaction in a serious game @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Marissa Hoek - finalproject
Automated Atmosphere Creation @ Philips Research, 5656 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands | Roald Dijkstra - finalproject
Validation of interpersonal stances expressed by virtual suspect characters in a police interview setting @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Qiuhua Fu - finalproject
User Interface design and generation using Model-Driven Engineering @ Sigmax, 7521 PL Enschede The Netherlands | Mark Oude Veldhuis - finalproject
Improving nutritional intake of hospital patients using a persuasive tablet application @ Aalborg University, DK-9220 Aalborg East Denmark | Sjoerd Smink - finalproject
An Embodied Conversational Agent in a Mobile Health Coaching Application @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Jordi Hendrix - finalproject
Multiview stereo pipeline for 3D modeling from photos @ Re-lion BV (formely known as Keep it Simple), Enschede The Netherlands | Gijsbert dos Santos - traineeship
Master Thesis on Lexical Substitution and Simplification with Neural Network Language Models @ WizeNoze B.V., 1012 KT Amsterdam The Netherlands | Jelle Jan Bankert - finalproject
Real-time detection, prediction and tracking of EEG slow waves during deep sleep @ Philips Research, 5656 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands | Mustafa Radha - finalproject
Turn-taking in police interviews – conversation analysis @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Rifca Peters - finalproject
Interpersonal stance in Human Robot Interaction @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Teun Krikke - finalproject
Interpersonal stance in Human Robot Interaction @ Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh •EH14 4AS United Kingdom | Teun Krikke - finalproject
Portable, optical inside-out tracking system for 6DOF tracking @ Kitt Engineering, 7521 PR Enschede  | Jan Kolkmeier - traineeship
Het opbouwen en onderhouden van het sociale netwerk van zelfstandig wonende ouderen @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Sandra Bos - finalproject
Identifying workload changes at a ProRail control post @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Jaldert van der Werf - finalproject
Contextual features for polarity detection in online community platforms @ GoalGorilla, 7523 MD Enschede  | Niels van der Molen - finalproject
Anomaly detection in defense and surveillance @ Alten Nederland, Capelle a/d IJssel Nederland | Steven Sybenga - finalproject
Estimation of full-body movements using deep artificial neural networks @ Xsens, 7521 PR ENSCHEDE Nederland | Sander Vlutters - finalproject
Engaging Child-Robot Interaction in a collaborative task @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Cristina Zaga (student) - finalproject
Enhancing the Bathroom Interaction through a Smart Mirror Solution @ Philips Design, Eindhoven  | Davy Koelemans - finalproject
Intelligent Support System for Patient Flow Analysis @ Philips Research, 5656 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands | Niels van Berkel - finalproject
Applying Parental Involvement In Secondary Vocational Education Using A Technological Solution @ Topicus Onderwijs, Deventer Nederland | Thomas Dekker - finalproject
A multi-user naval mission-planning interface for multi-touch surfaces  @ Thales Naval Nederland, Hengelo The Netherlands | Robert Boensma - finalproject
Interpersonal distance & gaze examined in immersive Virtual Reality @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Jan Kolkmeier - finalproject
Play and practice together: How to design the practice activity in E-learning by using social interaction in gamification @ Lesson Nine GmbH (Babbel), 10961 Berlin Germany | Dan Wu - finalproject
Impact of data visualization on users in cloud-based CRM Systems @ Cloud Solutions, 10969 Berlin Germany | Kristijan Korac - finalproject
Developing a Large Scale Child Feedback collection System For Text Readability Assessment @ WizeNoze B.V., 1012 KT Amsterdam The Netherlands | Rutger Varkevisser - finalproject