Comparing motivational messages for physical activity: text versus speech!

Title:Comparing motivational messages for physical activity: text versus speech!
Institute:University of Twente (HMI)
Place:Enschede The Netherlands
Type:Capita selecta and Research Topics
End date:not present
HMI ContactKhiet TruongRoelof de Vries


Designing motivational messages that actually work to get somebody to do more physical activity is hard. In this assignment we look at already designed motivational messages, and look at which modality they work best: text or spoken.

By way of crowdsourcing we have collected a dataset (text and spoken) of motivational messages for different exercise scenarios. We would like to see what people’s preference is for receiving these motivational messages in either text or spoken form. Possibly, these preferences can be based on certain characteristics of those people (for example, personality, level of fitness, age, or other things). A first step in this research would be to have a look at/listen to some of these messages to select those that can be used in a comparison. The next step would be to actually compare them, for example through a survey, in a lab experiment, or send on a smartphone. The final step would be to have a look at the results and see if they can explain how to use either text or spoken messages to motivate people, possibly based on some user characteristics. For example: “always use spoken messages because they are more motivating”, or: “use text messages for elderly, but use spoken messages for non-elderly”.