Running and finished Assignments


Usability of an annotation interface for cultural heritage collections (ON HOLD) @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Heleen van der Zaag - capita-selecta
A survey into Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (ON HOLD) @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Matthijs van Veen - capita-selecta
Socially intelligent plant @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Martijn Polak - capita-selecta
Integrated User Research @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Heleen van der Zaag - capita-selecta
Using Classical Conditioning to Evoke a Steady State Response in the Brain @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Andrei Rosu - capita-selecta
Developing a tool to measure the effectiveness of motivational messages for physical activity @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Bryan Oostra - capita-selecta
Natural setting in virtual reality as tool for exploiting the restorative effects of nature @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Marc van Almkerk - capita-selecta


Towards Applying Movement Synchrony in Embodied Play @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Pim Willems - capita-selecta
Detecting problematic situations in self-driving-cars @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Judith Zissoldt - capita-selecta
Accuracy of Automatic Speech Recognition for Emergency Response @ University of Twente (HMI), Enschede The Netherlands | Jasmijn Kol - capita-selecta