Creative Interactive Computing Workshop 2008
CIC 2008
University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands
October 22, 2008 Print this page


Creative Interactive Computing Symposium
University of Twente, Hotel Drienerburght
22 October 2008
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9.30-10.00Arrival, coffee, installation of demos/movies on local PC

10.30-11.30Creative Interactive Computing + Societal applications
10.30Jens Dyvik, Frank Kresin, Astrid Lubsen, Michiel van der Ros (Waag Society)
10.50Piem Wirtz, Jan Misker, Kristina Andersen (V2_)
11.20Patrick Plaggenborg (

11.30-12.20Creative Interactive Computing + Education
11.30Zsófia Ruttkay (UT)
11.40Peter Peerdeman and Timen Olthof (VU)
12.00Siert Wijnia (FabLab Utrecht)
12.10Wouter Jan Hooiymans (AKI)

12.20-13.30Lunch + demos (hands-on and projected)

13.30-14.30Creative Interactive Computing + Arts
13.30Pawel Pokutycki (
13.45Rinus Roelofs (
14.00Marina Toeters (
14.15Wilja Jurg (Stichting Medialab Enschede)

14.30-15.00Panel about application topics and scenarios, forming groups
15.00-16.00Brain storm in groups
16.00-16.30Wrap up panel
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