Academic English Clinic on Tuesday July 26th at 16:00

The Academic English Clinic will continue on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 4:00. Everyone is welcome!

At our first meeting, we did an informal needs analysis where we discussed our needs and goals for English in our academic work, and everyone gave a short presentation. .

We identified a need for presentation practice, writing skills, pronunciation, and general social English (for networking purposes).

Homework was to put together a short presentation on a topic NOT related to work, and to send samples of troublesome writing to so that Emer can put some good ‘bad’ examples together for discussion at the next session.

If you didn’t come on Friday, but would like to join now, please put together a short (3-5 minute) talk on one of the following (NO slides!!)

the moon
forks (cutlery)

This talk should not be over-prepared – we want to use it to improve!