Guidelines for authors of final project proposals

Author’s kit for submitting full proposals to eNTERFACE 2016

The eNTERFACE’16 workshop welcomes students and researchers working in teams on the projects selected from the proposals received in reply to the Call for Projects (please see here). In order to achieve successful projects, proposals should be designed in such a way that their objectives are clearly stated and such that they reflect the estimated progress of the projects in details, so that these are ready to start and finalise on time. Therefore we recommend that project proposal documents include the following content:

  1. Title page: listing the name of the project, principal investigator and candidates, the date and an abstract.
  2. Project objectives (max. 1 page): providing the rationale for the proposed project.
  3. Background information (max. 1 page): a brief review of the related literature, so as to let potential participants prepare themselves for the workshop.
  4. Detailed technical description (max. 3 pages):
    1. Technical description.
    2. Resources needed: facility, equipment, software, staff,…
    3. Project management.
  5. Work plan and implementation schedule (max. 1 page): a tentative timetable detailing the work to be done during the workshop.
  6. Benefits of the research (max. 1 page): Expected outcomes of the project. Please describe what the tangible results are to be achieved at the end of the Workshop. We insist that all the software components used for the project, and all the software built during the project should be free for use, and available as such to all participants (after the workshop too).
  7. Profile team:
    1. Leader (with a max. 1-page CV).
    2. Staff proposed by the leader (each with max. 1-page CVs). You may propose some members of your future team. If possible, try to avoid having too many people from your group: part of the benefit of eNTERFACE is to let people meet and share experiences from different places, and possibly in different languages.
    3. Other researchers needed (describing the required expertise for each, max. 1 page).
  8. References: this is very important for future members of your team; it will help them to prepare themselves for collaborating with you.
  9. Other information (optional): please add other information you consider useful for the project proposal evaluation.

Please send your final project proposal in PDF to