Funding possibilities

For bachelor, master and PhD students, we have some funding possibilities. Students can apply under the following conditions:

  • We can offer max. 30 students a grant of max. 250 euro to cover expenses made during eNTERFACE’16 – this may include costs for travel, accommodation, and food. Please keep all your original receipts!
  • Only bachelor, master, and PhD students from a university other than the University of Twente can apply.
  • Priority will be given to master and PhD students
    • who are not living in the Netherlands
    • who cannot rely on any other funds from the university or project, and
    • who are staying at least for 7 consecutive working days at eNTERFACE’16

How to apply:

Send a letter (pdf) on official paper of your university with the following information to before *22 April 2016*:

  • motivation and explanation for why the funding is needed
  • duration of stay
  • confirmation from your supervisor that you are a bachelor, master or PhD student

This funding was made possible by the 3TU Humans & Technology