Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents

Gala Finalists in 2005

The GALA Award was given to RhyCAP.

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Je-Ren Chen, Tsai-Yen Li

National Chengchi University, Taiwan

RhyCAP - Interactive Chinese Lion Dance is a procedural animation system that that allows a designer to interactively direct animated characters by adjusting rhythmic parameters such as tempo, timing, and exaggeration to orchestrate collision-free motions for the performance.

Student work, application

The Virtual Rap-Dancer

D.F. van Vliet, W.J. Bos, R. Broekstra, J.W. Koelewijn, D. Reidsma, R. Rienks

CS, Twente University, The Netherlands

The virtual rap dancer moves real-time in an own style, according to a music audio and a video stream of a human dancer. The movements of the virtual dances are selected from a lexicon of moves and some style parameters which can be adjusted interactively.

Student team work, application

Planning Character Motions in Shadow Play Animations

Shu-We i Hsu, Tsai-Yen Li

National Chengchi University, Taiwan

This animation system utilizes motion planning techniques developed in robotics to generate Chinese shadow play animation automatically. The system computes primary body motions according to user’s high-level inputs as well as secondary limb motions.

Student work, tool

Automatic Lip Sync for Animated Lifelike Agent Creation

Goranka Zoric, Igor S. Pandzic

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Real time lip synchronization is achieved by using a genetic algorithm for automatic configuration of a neural network, which improves speed and quality of generation of visemes to be used directly for the animation of the face.

Student work, tool

Greta Listening to Expressive Music

Maurizio Mancini, Catherine Pelachaud, Roberto Bresin*

IUT de Montreuil, University of Paris 8, France

*Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweeden


The synthetic head Greta reacts with emotional facial expressions to music, based on studies on the expressivity of music performance.

Research team work, application


Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann et al.

MIRALa b, University of Geneva, Switzerland

The Augmented Reality Framework of LIFEPLUS makes it possible to manage real-time augmented reality full virtual character simulations (body, face and clothes) in cultural heritage environments through a markerless tracking system.

Research team work, application