Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents

Submission format

Submissions are to be made in two rounds.
  • First round: movie with documentation
  • In the first round, a movie of 2 - 4 minutes is to be submitted, accompanied by a documentation. Consider these time limits. The movie may be edited, demonstrative compilations but should show one or more direct (un-modified) recordings of the Animated Lifelike Agent via screenshots and/or the actual setting, with a human user interacting with the Animated Lifelike Agent. It is imperative that this movie submission faithfully present the interactive capability and timing of the Animated Lifelike Agent. Read the additional, . The Race Simulator itself can be downloaded .

    The accompanying document should describe the technology used to create the Animated Lifelike Agent and/or the related setting of the Animated Lifelike Agent, any novelties associated with such, as well as ways to use, re-use, and adapt the Animated Lifelike Agent. A pointer to a more complete web-page maintained by the authors must also be provided. The documentation, on the first page, should contain relevant information about the authors, the process of development, the resources used. On the second page, a short description of the Animated Lifelike Agent is to be given, covering the (intended) application context, the technological novelty, a the most important references to related/used work. Use the enclosed sample and for preparing the documentation in .pdf format.
  • Second round: GALA Final presentation
  • Entries selected for the GALA Final by the jury will be projected and, preferably also, presented live at the hosting conference location for the public. On request, the jury should have access to the animated agent for testing purposes.

Submission technical details:

The movie submission should be:

  • Max file upload size 20 Mb;
  • Max resolution 352x288;
  • with audio (if applicable);
  • in DivX or MPEG2 format;
  • named as: CONTRIBUTOR.avi or CONTRIBUTOR.mpg.
  • documentation should be named as: CONTRIBUTOR.pdf
  • upload your contribution using secure ftp to (from 15 May 2008)

    Put your contribution in the directory named 'data'.
In addition to the electronic uploading, a CD with the movie and the printed documentation should be sent by post to:
Ms C. Byron
GALA Secretary
HMI, Dept. of Computer Science
University of Twente
POBox 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Submission technical contact:
With questions concerning technical details of submission contact: Hendri Hondorp.