Traineeship assignments at HMI

HMI has many contacts with companies and institutes, within The Netherlands or in other countries, which provide several interesting traineeship opportunities. These opportunities do not always correspond to specific assignments. At almost every location where a traineeship is currently being carried out, or was carried out in the past, new traineeships are possible even if they are not listed among the currently available assignments. Therefore, it is important to look not only at the currently available assignments, but also at the running or completed assignments to see if there is a location or topic you find interesting. Usually it will be possible to formulate a new assignment along the same lines, taking your interests and skills into account, and with a convenient starting date. This holds for traineeships within and outside The Netherlands. In other words, there are more possibilities than just those listed below.

Please contact Dirk Heylen for more information.


Research Themes and traineeship assignments

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Known Institutes

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Currently available

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The following students are currently working on a traineeship assignment at HMI. Click on the link to find more information about the assignment.


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