Project Name: A research programme to shape the future for bioinformatics in the Netherlands

Abbreviation: BioRange

Start date: May 1, 2005

End date: May 1, 2010

Project Description:

Mission Statement

BioRange is a large national project of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) aimed at strengthening the bioinformatics infrastructure in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands Bio-Informatics Centre (NBIC) has formed a consortium with a total of 26 partners, including the genomic and proteomic centres of excellence, and other representatives of selected users and industries. For the execution of research projects and the implementation of hardware infrastructure, NBIC has made specific agreements with the consortium members, defining the deliverables, including commitments for dissemination, and detailing the financial commitments, including financial matching by the participating institutes from their own resources.

HMI activities within BioRange

The BioRange project provides the context for two main activities within the HMI research group.
  • Our research is a part of a user interfaces and visualisation project within BioRange, devoted to the user-centred design and evaluation of visualisations and enriched interactions in order to enhance the exploration of bioinformatics resources by multidisciplinary teams of scientists. A smart e-BioLab environment needs an attentive and proactive interface to mitigate the complexity of the collaborative working environment. Put briefly, we want to contribute to the design of the e-BioLab, and in particular improve teams collaboration and interaction with multiple public and shared displays and devices. The e-BioLab is a smart meeting room under development at the MicroArray Department/Integrative Bioinformatics Unit (MAB/IBU) from the UvA. We specifically focus on teams situation awareness, workflow visualization, and natural interaction.
  • An incredibly large and fast growing amount of literature is available for researchers in life sciences. Connecting research already carried out may drive new hypotheses and reveal new relationships. A simple search engine will not suffice when trying to carry out a structured literature exploration. A more structured approach is followed in text mining tools, but these tools offer little interaction with the user. Therefore, tools and methods should be developed which combine the advantages of structured text mining with the interactivity of search engines. This subproject of BioRange focuses on visual interactive text mining.
Refer to our Twiki page for more (up-to-date) information.

From left to right: Betsy van Dijk, Ingo Wassink, Dolf Trieschnigg, Franciska de Jong, Olga Kulyk, Wim Fikkert, Gerrit van der Veer, Paul van der Vet, and Anton Nijholt.

BioRange for HMI students

If you are a student at the HMI group and you want to carry out a project with us, contact us at biorange at ewi dot utwente dot nl. We have numerous topics in which you might participate, e.g., workflow systems, interfaces for situation awareness support, natural interaction techniques, and visual interactive text mining.


The following HMI-member(s) is/are coordinator of this Project

Franciska de Jong



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