Project Name: Multimedia Indexing & Retrieval on the basis of Image Processing & Language and Speech Technology

Abbreviation: DRUID

Start date: January 1, 1998

End date: December 31, 2003

Project Description:
DRUID aims at the development of tools for the indexing and retrieval of multimedia content. The research will advance existing insights and deploy the potential synergy between technologies from various expertise domains: language & speech technology, image processing and database technology. In terms of the objects to be made available for retrieval, the project will cover continuous objects containing text and/or speech elements (e.g. video and audio fragments), as well as static objects, ranging from paper documents and textually annotated images, to web pages. Both fundamental research, as well as prototyping, tools testing and usability studies are part of the work plan.

Project Funding

DRUID is a project within the scientific program of the Telematica Instituut. This institute is co-funded by the Dutch government and a number of industrial partners with the aim to advance state of the art in the area of ICT.


  • TNO TPD (co-ordinator)
  • TNO TM
  • CTIT/University of Twente
  • CWI

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The following HMI-member(s) is/are coordinator of this Project

Franciska de Jong



Here you can find the publications



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