Project Name: Future BNCI

Abbreviation: Future_BNCI

Start date: January 1, 2010

End date: December 31, 2011

Project Description:
Here is the abstract for the Future BNCI project, as recorded in official EU documents such as our grant agreement:

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) systems allow communication through direct measures of brain activity. Users can spell, move cursors, browse the internet, and control robotic devices such as prosthetics or wheelchairs with thought alone. BNCI systems are similar, but can also rely on indirect measures of brain activity. Rapid progress in BCI and BNCI research is creating a number of new opportunities across a much wider range of potential users than previously recognized. Unfortunately, the many new developments and new research groups lead to two problems.

First, key terms and definitions are confusing, outdated, nonexistent, and/or only sporadically accepted by people and groups from different backgrounds. There is no clear agreement on fundamental terms like BCI and BNCI. This confusion impedes development of standards and roadmaps for both academic and commercial efforts. It is also difficult to organize conferences, workshops, special journal editions, expositions, or electronic collaboration resources for a field that is unknown and poorly defined.

Second, there are widely differing views on how to capitalize on recent progress and which avenues for future development merit the most attention. These problems will only get worse without an effective coordination effort. It seems unlikely that any project can align constituencies and prepare future joint researches and roadmaps when the relevant disciplines and stakeholders are not even clearly identified.

Future directions in BNCI systems (Future BNCI) will identify which opportunities are (and aren’t) promising across all four components of a BCI system:

  1. sensors and signals;
  2. signal processing;
  3. applications and devices;
  4. interfaces and operating environments.
These four components will be addressed through three COORD WPs, and another COORD WP will discuss Standards and Dissemination. This project will establish and entrench key terms, definitions, and standards. Knowledge will be disseminated through a conference, workshops, special sessions, a book through a major publisher, other peer reviewed publications, and informal interactions with key stakeholders in BCI and related research. A website will promote both commercial and academic development with links, downloadable materials, and free information about BCI basics, research groups and people, conferences, news events, and publications. These advancements will counteract the growing confusion, miscommunication, inefficiency, and stakeholder fragmentation within BCI research, and establish the foundations necessary to transform BCIs from their infancy to a mature, coordinated, mainstream, high impact research and development endeavour.

The end result will be a coherent, efficient BCI community capable of making a strong impact on EU dominance and helping a greatly expanding number of potential users.

Official website:


The following HMI-member(s) is/are coordinator of this Project

Dirk Heylen
Mannes Poel



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