Project Name: MultimediaN/N5

Abbreviation: MultimediaN

Start date: April 1, 2004

End date: December 31, 2009

Project Description:

A staggering amount of digital data goes around in the world, as a feed for digital experiences, as the corpus of our collective knowledge, and as a basis for business processing. Increasingly, the digital data stream is composed of multimedia data items, i.e. a combination of pictorial, auditory, and linguistic data.

With sufficient bandwidth and computing power at commodity prices, it is obvious that users prefer a multimedia style of information exchange and interaction, including pictures, video, and sound. The emphasis in information handling is shifting from categorical and numerical information to information in multimedia form: Multimedia is the message. In this dynamic, quickly changing world, the objectives of MultimediaN are:

  • To build an outstanding science core and a virtual multimedia lab with a co-ordinated and steerable research plan with strong industry participation;
  • To transfer fundamental and applied science and know-how to the ICT-world; to articulate questions into new research challenges; to demonstrate their use in pilot applications;
  • To reinforce the skill- and innovation-transfer between multimedia research and the market by generating a transparant view on technology by means of demonstrators.

Project Funding

MultimediaN is a project funded under the bsik-scheme.


Research groups from: UvA, CWI, TUDelft, TNO, UTwente/CTIT, Telematics Institute, Philips, and IBM, supplemented with over twenty high tech industrial partners, content institutions, and first user groups, among which Van Dale Lexicografie and Nedelands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (national broadcast archive).

HMI-themes in MultimediaN

HMI researchers work on spoken document retrieval and semantic multimedia access.

Results for HMI themes

The section on audio disclore at the website of the Willem Frederik Hermans Instituut link is a MultimediaN result.

Project web site MultimediaN


The following HMI-member(s) is/are coordinator of this Project

Franciska de Jong



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