Project Name: PetaMedia

Abbreviation: PetaMedia

Start date: March 1, 2008

End date: March 1, 2012

Project Description:

PetaMedia - P2P Tagged Media

PetaMedia is a Network of Excellence funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme. FP7 is a key tool to respond to Europe's needs in terms of jobs and competitiveness, and one of its goals is to maintain leadership in the global knowledge economy.

Four partners form the core of PetaMedia, each representing a national network: Delft University of Technology; EPFL from Switzerland; Queen Mary University London from the UK and from Germany the Technical University of Berlin. From The Netherlands, Delft University of Technology coordinates PetaMedia.

The goal of the NoE PetaMedia is to bring together the research of four national networks in the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and Germany in the area of multimedia content analysis (MCA) and social peer-to-peer networks and eventually to establish a European virtual centre of excellence.

The collective research that will integrate the four national networks will be directed towards the synergetic combination of user-based collaborative tagging, peer-to-peer networks and multimedia content analysis, and towards identification and exploration of potentials and limitations of combined tagging, MCA and SP2P concepts. Solutions and collaborative research field trials will be build on the coordinating partner's open source P2P software Tribler. Basic information:

  • Collaborative Project: Network of Excellence
  • Funded in the Networked Media theme of the first FP7 call ICT-2007.1.5

HMI is related to it via NIRICT.


The following HMI-member(s) is/are coordinator of this Project

Roeland Ordelman
Ronald Poppe



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