Project Name: UWISH: Usability of Web-based Information Services for Hypermedia

Abbreviation: UWISH

Start date: January 1, 1998

End date: February 1, 2000

Project Description:


Development of a user-centred design method for Web-based services that guides the iterative process of software development. Advocating the "design for all" approach, specific attention is paid to the accessibility for elderly.


Network user interface, adaptive interface, World Wide Web, user-centred design, usability testing, multimedia, hypertext


The general objective of U-WISH is to improve the accessibility of Web-based information services for hypermedia by
  • developing design principles for navigation support
  • addressing and developing techniques and tools for enhancing the accessibility
  • applying and assessing the principles, techniques and tools
  • sharing the acquired knowledge via a Web-based service


The following HMI-member(s) is/are coordinator of this Project

Betsy van Dijk



Here you can find the publications



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