Andrei Malchanau

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Contributions to Proceedings

A.V. Malchanau, A. Nijholt and H.E. Roosendaal Visualisation of the information resources for cell biology, in Proceedings ICMI 2005 Workshop on Multimodal Interaction for the Visualization and Exploration of Scientific Data, E.V. Zudilova-Seinstra and T. Adriaansen (eds), ITC/irst, Trento, pp. 57-60, 2005 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

A.V. Malchanau Can Intelligent Environments be Trustworthy? Designing for trust in Scientific Communication: Concept of Habitable Interfaces (Position Paper), in CHI '04 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, Workshop Session: Considering Trust in Ambient Societies, S. Marsh, P. Briggs and W. Wagealla (eds), ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, ISBN 1-58113-703-6, pp. 14-17, 2004 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document



A.V. Malchanau User-Computer Interfaces for Scientific Communication: the Concept of Habitable Interfaces, CTIT Technical Report, TR-CTIT-04-16, Enschede, CTIT, Pages: 35, 2004 [ BiBTeX Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

A.V. Malchanau, P.E. van der Vet and H.E. Roosendaal Federating resources of information systems: browsing interface (FRISBI), in Conferentie Informatiewetenschap 2003, P. de Bra (eds), Computing Science Reports, Technical University of Eindhoven, Eindhoven, ISSN 0926-4515, pp. 85-90, 2003 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document  Download PDF document

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