Niels Bloom

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N. Bloom Grouping by association: using associative networks for document categorization , PhD Thesis, Univ. of Twente, June 10 2015, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente , Enschede, ISSN 1381-3617, ISBN 978-90-365-3878-7, Pages: 199, Promotors: F.M.G. de Jong, Ass. Promotors: M. Theune, 2015 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

N. Bloom, M. Theune and F.M.G. de Jong Hierarchical document categorization using associative networks, in Proceedings of the IASTED Multiconferences: Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA 2013), E.P. Klement, W. Borutzky, T. Fahringer, M.H. Hamza and V. Uskov (eds), ACTA Press, Calgary, ISBN 978-0-88986-955-4, pp. 28-35, 2013 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document
N. Bloom, M. Theune and F.M.G. de Jong Using Wikipedia with associative networks for document classification, in Proceedings of the European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, ESANN 2013, ESANN, Bruges, ISBN 978-2-87419-081-0, pp. 47-52, 2013 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

N. Bloom Applying Power Graph Analysis to Weighted Graphs, in ECIR 2012, April 03 2012, 34, volume 7224, Springer-Verlag, Barcelona, ISBN 978-3-642-28996-5, pp. 548-551, 2012 [ BiBTeX ]
N. Bloom Using Natural Language Processing to Improve Document Categorization with Associative Networks, in NLDB 2012, June 26 2012, 17, volume 7337, Springer-Verlag, Groningen, ISBN 978-3-642-31178-9, pp. 177-182, 2012 [ BiBTeX ]

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