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C. Mühl Toward affective brain-computer interfaces : exploring the neurophysiology of affect during human media interaction, PhD Thesis, Univ. of Twente, June 01 2012, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente , Enschede, ISSN 1381-3617, ISBN 978-90365-3362-1, Pages: 186, Promotors: A. Nijholt and D.K.J. Heylen, 2012 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document


Journal Papers

S. Koelstra, C. Mühl, M. Soleymani, J. Lee, A. Yazdani, T. Ebrahimi, T. Pun, A. Nijholt and I. Patras DEAP: A Database for Emotion Analysis Using Physiological Signals, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, 3(1):18-32, ISSN 1949-3045, 2012 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document
R.W. Poppe Facing scalability: Naming faces in an online social network, Pattern Recognition, 45(6):2335-2347, ISSN 0031-3203, 2012 *** ISI Impact 2.292 *** [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

R.W. Poppe Scalable face labeling in online social networks, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition and Workshops (FG 2011), IEEE Computer Society, USA, ISBN 978-1-4244-9140-7, pp. 566-571, 2011 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document

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