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Book Chapters

A. Nijholt Gulliver project: performers and visitors, pp. 285-292. In Digital Applications for Cultural and Heritage Institutions, J. Hemsley, V. Cappellini and G. Stanke (eds), Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Hampshire (UK), ISBN 0-7546-3359-4, 2005 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

A. Nijholt Enabling virtual communities: Gulliver and Aveiro, in Proc. 4th Workshop on Information and Computer Science (WICS 2002, K. Faisal and M. Sarfraz (eds), King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, ISBN 9960-07-187-1, pp. 391-400, 2002 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
A. Nijholt Gulliver Project: Performers and Visitors, in Proceedings EVA 2002 Florence: "Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts", V. Cappellini, J. Hemsley and G. Stanke (eds), Pitagora Editrice Bologna, Bologna, Italy, ISBN 88-371-1312-9, pp. 241-244, 2002 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
A. Nijholt, M. Stuk and J. Zwiers The virtual GULLIVER project, in Cybernetics and Systems 2002, R. Trappl (eds), Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Vienna, Austria, ISBN 3-85206-160-1, pp. 878-882, 2002 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
I. van Es, D.K.J. Heylen, E.M.A.G. van Dijk and A. Nijholt Gaze Behavior of Talking Faces Makes a Difference, in Proceedings CHI 2002: Changing the World, Changing Ourselves, L. Terveen and D. Wixon (eds), ACM Press, New York, ISBN 1-58113-454-1, pp. 734-735, 2002 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

D. Reidsma, M. Kragtwijk and A. Nijholt Building Huys Hengelo in VRML, in ICHIM 2001: Cultural Heritage and Technologies in the Third Millennium, D. Bearman and F. Garzotto (eds), Archives and Museum Informatics, Pittsburgh, ISBN 1-885626-24-X, pp. 325-332, 2001 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download HTML document  Download PDF document
M. Kragtwijk, A. Nijholt and J. Zwiers Implementation of a 3D Virtual Drummer, in Proceedings CAS2001, Eurographics Workshop on Animation and Simulation 2001, N. Magnenat-Thalmann and D. Thalmann (eds), Springer Verlag, New York, ISBN 3-211-83711-6, pp. 15-26, 2001 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
M. Kragtwijk, A. Nijholt and J. Zwiers An animated virtual drummer, in Proceedings International Conference on Augmented, Virtual Environments and Three-dimensional Imaging (ICAV3D), V. Giagourta and M.G. Strintzis (eds), CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 319-322, 2001 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

A. Nijholt Multi-Media Access and Presentation in the Twente Virtual Theatre Environment, in Multimedia '99. Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop, N. Correia, T. Cambell and G. Davenport (eds), Springer Verlag, Vienna, Austria, ISBN 3-211-83437-0, pp. 205-214, 2000 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

A. Nijholt Commerce and Entertainment in the Twente Virtual Theatre Environment, in WRV99: II Brasilian Workshop on Virtual Reality, C. Kirner and T.G. Kirner (eds), Fundao Euripides de Marilia, Marilia, pp. 102-114, 1999 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
A. Nijholt An agent-based virtual theatre community, in Local Nets: International Workshop on Community-based Interactive Systems, K. Stathis (eds), I3 Esprit, Brussels, pp. 116-133, 1999 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
A. Nijholt, J. Hulstijn and A.J. van Hessen Speech and Language Interaction in a Web Theatre Environment, in Proceedings Interactive Dialogue in Multi-Modal Systems, P. Dalsgaard, C.-H. Lee, P. Heisterkamp and R. Cole (eds), ISCA Archives, Grenoble, ISBN 87-90834-00-3, pp. 129-132, 1999 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download HTML document  Download PDF document
A. Nijholt The Twente Virtual Theatre Environment: Agents and Interactions, in Interactions in Virtual Worlds (IVW'99), A. Nijholt, E.M.A.G. van Dijk and O.A. Donk (eds), Twente Workshop on Language Technology, volume 15, University of Twente, Enschede, pp. 147-164, 1999 [ BiBTeX Eprints 
J. Hulstijn, A. Nijholt, G.H.W. Hondorp, M. van den Berk and A.J. van Hessen Dialogues with a Talking Face for Web-based Services and Transaction, in Proceedings Face to Face workshop, Z.M. Ruttkay (eds), CWI, Amsterdam, pp. 12-17, 1999 [ BiBTeX Eprints 



J. Hulstijn, G.H.W. Hondorp, A. Nijholt, M. van den Berk and A.J. van Hessen Dialogues with a Talking face for Web-based Services and Transactions, Technical Report, TR-CTIT-99-07, Enschede, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology University of Twente, Pages: 10, 1999 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

A. Nijholt, A.J. van Hessen and J. Hulstijn Speech and language interaction in a (virtual) cultural theatre, in Proceedings NLP and Industrial Applications, C. Moghrabi (eds), Universit√© de Moncton, Moncton, Canada, pp. 176-182, 1998 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
A. Nijholt, M. van den Berk and A.J. van Hessen A natural language web-based dialogue system with a talking face, in Proceedings of the First Workshop on Text, Speech, Dialogue - TSD 1998, P. Sojka, V. Matoušek, K. Pala and I. Kopeček (eds), Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, ISBN 80-210-1900-X, pp. 415-420, 1998 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document

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