Publications by ShowCase Multimodal dialogue management



Contributions to Proceedings

T.H. Bui, J. Zwiers, A. Nijholt and M. Poel Generic dialogue modeling for multi-application dialogue systems, in Proceedings of the 2nd Joint Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms, S. Renals and S. Bengio (eds), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 3869, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, ISBN 3-540-32549-2, ISSN 0302-9743, pp. 174-185, 2006 [ BiBTeX Eprints  DOI>  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

H.J.A. op den Akker, H.C. Bunt, S. Keizer and B.W. van Schooten From question answering to spoken dialogue - towards an information search assistant for interactive multimodal information extraction, in Proc. 9th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (Interspeech 2005), European Speech Communication Association (ESCA) / CEP Consultants, Edinburgh, ISSN 1018-4074, pp. 2793-2796, 2005 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download HTML document  Download PDF document



Contributions to Proceedings

D.H.W. Hofs, H.J.A. op den Akker and A. Nijholt A generic architecture and dialogue model for multimodal interaction, in Proceedings of the 1st Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication, P. Paggio, K. Jokinen and A. J├Ânsson (eds), volume 1, CST Publication, Center for Sprogteknologi, Copenhagen, ISSN 1600-339X, pp. 79-91, 2003 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document

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