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Contributions to Proceedings

K. Shiarlis, J. Messias, M. van Someren, S. Whiteson, Jaebok Kim, J.H. Vroon, G. Englebienne, K.P. Truong, V. Evers, N. Pérez-Higueras, I. Pérez-Hurtado, R. Ramon-Vigo, F. Caballero, L. Merino, J. Shen, S. Petridis, M. Pantic, L. Hedman, M. Scherlund, R. Koster and H. Michel TERESA: A Socially Intelligent Semi-autonomous Telepresence System, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Machine Learning for Social Robotics at ICRA-2015, S. Whiteson, R.W. Poppe, V. Evers, L. Merino and S. Von Rump (eds), University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ISBN not assigned, pp. 6, 2015 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document  Download PDF document
J.H. Vroon, M.P. Joosse, M. Lohse, J. Kolkmeier, Jaebok Kim, K.P. Truong, G. Englebienne, D.K.J. Heylen and V. Evers Dynamics of Social Positioning Patterns in Group-Robot Interactions, in Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Sumposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RoMan 2015), IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, USA, pp. 6, 2015 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document
J.H. Vroon, Jaebok Kim and R. Koster Robot Response Behaviors To Accommodate Hearing Problems, in Proceedings of New Friends 2015: the 1st international conference on social robotics in therapy and education, Windesheim Flevoland University, Almere, The Netherlands, pp. 2, 2015 [ BiBTeX Eprints  Download PDF document

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