Puppy-IR is a consortium of 8 organizations from 4 European Countries. The consortium includes 5 universities, a children hospital, a multi-disciplinary museum and an international information services company; and is coordinated by the University of Twente (The Netherlands).

The consortium represents a unique combination of outstanding researchers who can carry out the work in the project at the required level of excellence, a user group that is competent and eager to absorb the envisaged results, and a partner with an interest in the post-project exploitation of the results. Through the strong commitment to open source development, the project is likely to have a strong impact in the research communities focusing on search technology, as well as on the market in which developers of dedicated services and products operate.

In a world where Internet and technology play such an important role as it does today, it is absolutely necessary that children can assess the meaning of gathered information and can in child-friendly ways get engaged in interaction with content. PuppyIR aims to facilitate the creation of child-centric information access, based on the understanding of the behaviour and needs of children.

To achieve this goal, an open source framework will be created in which advanced functionalities can be developed, and then deployed to create information services that are tailored towards the unique information needs of children and their intuitive style of interaction.

Inspired by article 17 of the convention on the Rights of the Child that grants the child has an explicit right of access to information, this research project aims to create an open source platform that can be used to build child-friendly information services that assist children in the interaction with information, whether it is for fun and entertainment, or for learning and education.

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