Strategic impact

The envisaged PuppyIR outcomes contribute to the expected impacts listed in the FP7-ICT Work Programme 2007-08, Challenge 4: Digital Libraries and Content, Objective ICT-2007.4.2 Intelligent Content and Semantics.

  • Novel paradigms for information interaction, including the use of tangible device
  • Multi-user interfaces that facilitate collaboration in community-based tasks and scenarios

Will allow the design of more participative and communicative forms of content.

  • Information alignment based on recognizing similarities in content between heterogeneous search results, for rendering into a coherent display
  • Aggregation, summarization and presentation of aligned information
  • Advanced information extraction algorithms

Will allow publishers in creative industries, enterprises and professional sectors to increase their productivity with innovative content of greater complexity and ease of repurposing.

  • Moderated information discovery
  • Content sharing based on social networks
  • Advanced text classification algorithms based on rhetorical relations and age related characteristics

Will allow organization to automate the collection and distribution of digital content and machine-tractable knowledge and share them with partners in trusted collaborative environments.

In short, PuppyIR contributes to an enhanced experience (better), smoother interaction (easier), and the low-cost solution for enriching (existing) content with (suited) web content (find & correlate); it does so in a well-defined user context determined by age categories.

Scientific impact

Innovative models for information mining, extraction and search

The design of more effective, context-aware and easy-to-use search systems that self-adapt within a child environment can be achieved only by gathering together well-established European research organizations having knowledge in theoretical models of information retrieval as well as experience in the development of interactive retrieval systems.

Take-up of emerging innovations in semantic multimedia analysis

Project partners participate in several FP6 projects and Networks of Excellence targeting the analysis and semantic access to multimedia content. As a consequence the incorporation of relevant results of these activities in the design of the multimedia mining functionality addressed in WP4 is ensured, and it is likely that PuppyIR will be able to demonstrate the usability and added value of other successful projects and to help to open up new application domains for techniques that have been studied and funded for more than a decade in EU-context.

Innovative paradigms for measuring Information Retrieval component performance

The technical consortium members have the ambition to help to settle a new generation of comparative evaluation programmes. As the required combined expertise on the methodology for both component performance assessment and user-centred evaluations is available, there is a good chance that PuppyIR help overcome the limitations of current evaluation programmes such as TREC, CLEF, TRECVID, etc.

Child-centred evaluation

We expect to make a significant contribution to the understanding of how to evaluate technology designed for children. An increasing number of systems are designed for child users but, at present, there are few robust techniques to help children contribute to the evaluation of these systems.

New research venues for cognitive science

Children’s information seeking is linked to their cognitive processing and development. Such research is often hampered by the poor search tools available; children often fail in the early stages of a search. By constructing tools that are more suited to children’s abilities we open new research possibilities for learning about children’s complete search behaviour.

Societal impact

The project has a potential impact on European and national education. Very importantly, it contributes to the cultural growth of our next generation of human capital, where we ease the dissemination of cultural assets to the young, and thereby strengthen the creativity of our society.

Also, the hospital is a very interesting social environment where PuppyIR could really have a positive impact in engaging and entertaining sick children by distracting their minds from pain and worries and helping their recovery, in line with smile based therapies where games and fun have proved to help children recover faster.