PuppyIR will help children searching the Internet safely by the design of an Open-Source platform of child-friendly information services.

  • PuppyIR will provide a suite of components that can be used by system designers to tailor Information Retrieval (IR) systems for the specific needs of children.

PuppyIR will develop new interaction paradigms that allow children to express their information needs simply and have results presented in an intuitive way.

It will develop Information Services that can summarise content for children, moderate information for children, help children safely build social networks and intelligently aggregate for presentation to children.

PuppyIR will also contribute to the evaluation of children’s IR systems by the development of child-centered evaluation methods.

  • PuppyIR will be a multi-layered architecture: system designers can choose from several interaction paradigms and information services to construct their own system. As PuppyIR is Open-Source it will be extensible for new information sources, new information services and new languages.
  • PuppyIR offers a package for designers to construct usable IR systems for children and the opportunity for children to fully exploit the Internet.