WP0: Management

The workpackage project management will be carried out throughout the lifespan of the project and will ensure that the project plan is aligned with the objectives of the call. The coordinating Partner is the University of Twente, who is the point of contact with the Commission on all issues: the University of Twente is in charge of both scientific leadership and coordination of the main management procedures.

WP0 is responsible for reporting and flow of information, handling the preparation of a Consortium Agreement, intellectual property rights issues, legal matters and monitoring ethical issues.

Output from WP0 includes a series of management reports to the Commission and reports for the project reviews.

  • Administrative Management includes interface to the European Commission, distribution of project funds, ensuring adherence to the contract with the Commission and management of Intellectual Property Rights, legal and ethical issues.
  • Technical Management includes timeliness, and quality of the technical work and ensuring this work falls within the remit of the contractual obligations with the Commission.

The consortium consists of partners of different sizes and skills, but all participants are equal members of the consortium, which will operate through consensus and co-operation. The various processes for decision making are as follows:

Contract-Related Decisions

Each participant will nominate a senior member of staff as a member of the Project Management Committee (PMC), which is chaired by the Project Manager and makes decisions related to contractual matters.

Strategic and Technical Decisions

The Project Management Committee (PMC) has the authority to take all major decisions in the project, provided these fall within the remit of the work plan. Each Work Package Leader (WPL) will be responsible for the delivery of technical work. WPLs report to the PMC.

Detailed Technical Decisions

Ad hoc peer level task groups (TGs), if required established across WPs, will be set up to address particular technical focal issues. These TGs may influence project decisions but all major decision proposed will have to be confirmed by the PMC.